There are various services we provide which are not covered by OHIP. Payment is due at the time the service is completed. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Cheque, Debit and Credit Card.

Examples of such services include:

  • Back to work note/sick notes
  • Employer-requested reports
  • Insurance company forms
  • Record transfers
  • Travel medicine advice, vaccinations and administration of any vaccines not covered by OHIP
  • Removal of certain moles, cysts and warts etc.
  • Tuberculosis testing for employment or volunteer purposes
  • Third party requests for medical assessments (i.e: work, gym, camp, ont driver’s license, etc.)
  • Dressing changes
  • Missed and late appointments

The fee will depend on what service is provided and the amount of time necessary to complete it. We follow the Ontario Medical Association Schedule of Fees in setting our rates.

Fees are subject to change.

Please feel free to discuss these with your doctor if you have any concerns about your ability to pay.