Family medicine

Rexdale Medical Centre is comprised of 9 family physicians to meet all your primary care needs.

Periodic Medical Exams

Many patients still believe that they need to have an annual health exam performed by their physician. In truth, the frequency of these exams depends on your age,gender, family medical history and individual medical history. Your physician at Rexdale Medical will be able to give you clear guidance as to how frequent you need a periodic medical examination.
All physicians at Rexdale Medical strongly encourage their patients to have periodic cancer prevention testing.  Pap smears are recommended for all women ages 21 -70 every 3 years. Colon cancer screening is advised for all patients between the ages of 50 – 74 and mammography is generally recommended every 2 years for women between 50 – 74.

Onsite lab

Rexdale Medical Centre is pleased to offer our patients onsite laboratory services. The lab is able to accept blood, urine, and stool samples ordered by your family doctor or specialist.

Please note that the lab is closed, daily, between 12pm and 1pm.  If you have any questions regarding the use of our onsite lab please call our office and ask to speak to a lab technician during regular office hours.

Student vaccinations

Many universities across North America are now recommending, if not requiring, that students are vaccinated against meningitis and meningococcal diseases. Meningococcal comes in many strains, including A, B, C, Y, and W-135.

Although meningitis and meningococcal disease are rare, there exist certain factors that can put you at higher risk. In the young adult population and particularly with university students, living in close quarters, such as student housing or residence, can increase the risk of transmission of disease.

Rexdale Medical Centre is pleased to offer meningitis vaccinations for all university-aged students.

Menveo covers four of the meningococcal strains. The vaccine is given in one dose, at a cost of $135.

Bexsero is the only vaccine currently available to that protects against the B strain. Bexsero is given in two doses, one month apart, at a cost of $135 per dose.

Please call our office to book your appointment today and get vaccinated for school!

Diabetes education

Every second Wednesday of the month Rexdale Medical Centre offers a Diabetes Education program. The trained nurses and registered dieticians are available by appointment to answer all your diabetes questions and help give you the tools you need to overcome the diabetic diagnosis. For more information and to book an appointment please speak with your doctor.

Travel advice

Rexdale Medical Centre is pleased to offer consultations for travel vaccines, at a charge of $50 per person or $75 for a couple. Consultations and vaccines are not covered by OHIP and payable by cash, credit, or debit at the end of the appointment.

We also offer yellow fever vaccinations at a cost of $170, in addition to the consult fee. Patients are required to bring their passports with them for yellow fever appointments.


Located only steps from our office, Radiology Associates Rexdale does X-rays, ultrasounds, and mammograms. This Ontario Diagnostic Centre is conveniently only 4 doors down from our office.


With Telederm, we take a digital picture of your dermatological issue and send it to an Ontario-based dermatologist for review. Within one week, we receive a diagnosis and treatment plan and call you with an appointment to provide that treatment in our office for you.

No wait time. No extra travel. No extra costs.


Rexdale Medical Centre offers nutrition specialists who counsel and support patients to make changes in their eating habits to promote health and prevent chronic illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. We are pleased to have Stefani Morra as the dietitian in our office. Stefani’s hours vary, those who are interested can call the office for availability. The visit is not OHIP covered. No referral is needed and the appointment can be a minimum of 30 mins. The visit starts from $60 and up according to services needed.


Podiatrists specialize in disorders of the foot and ankle and therefore are highly trained to examine for abnormalities of the lower extremity. Many times podiatrists are the first doctors to diagnose vascular disease, and neuropathy (numbness, burning, tingling, pain) in the lower extremities. For example, diabetes can cause both of these systemic disorders and by seeing a podiatrist, the feet, which are most affected by diabetes, can be cared for on a regular basis. Often a small problem can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage and helps prevent the condition from progressing to a more serious disorder.

We are pleased to have podiatrist, Dr. Ronald Klein join us every other Thursday afternoon. Dr. Klein will perform a complete foot exam and can recommend and make custom orthotics if necessary. He can also remove painful corns and calluses as well as manage difficult toenail infections and damaged toenails. There is a $ 45 charge which is not OHIP covered, although most private insurance plans will reimburse the visit fee. No referral is needed.